Google’s Project Zero Continues to Anger Software Developers

When Google launched their Project Zero initiative in July of 2014 it was met with a rather chilly response from the software development community. The last thing developers wanted was a competitor monitoring their software for potential security flaws. Now, with more than 8 months under their belt and more than a few public disclosures […]

The Image Grabber Plugin Review

Lot of time, I have inquired by webmasters to easy way for adding images in their blog. Today I want to share some best information about a premium plugin called Image Grabber. This plugin is fantastic one If you need to insert automatically beautiful images from Google and Bing search engines. Finding good quality images […]

Squeebles Spelling Test APK Free Download For Android

Squeebles Spelling Test App for android is an excellent application for practice spellings. This great spelling test apk used to test your kid english knowledge. In android market lot of spelling test apps are available, but the Squeebles Spelling is very useful for teachers, parents and children. If you buy the premium version of this […]

GPS Test Plus 1.2.1 Apk Free Download For Android

GPS Test Pluse apk  is an interesting android application, you can test your GPS data. Here you can get latest version of GPS Test Plus free download latest version application for your android phone. Three important features of GPS Test plus is Waypoint Navigation, Head up display and Digital fonts. If you have car this […]

How to set up a Minecraft server Using a VPS

Setup a Minecraft Server is not a tough job if you not follow below steps. You can easily setup Minecraft server using vps. This tutorial helps you to set up a Minecraft server Using a VPS. Follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial, you can get easily setup a Minecraft server. If you need any […]

How to play the classic Patience solitaire card game?

Clasic Patience Solitaire is a card game popular in USA and middle east. Solitaire Card Game is easy to play and can play multiple users. This is similar like other card games, but slightly differ from others. I dont know how many persons know about Double Australian Patience Solitaire game. If you know how to […]

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Complete Pokedex With Pictures

Pokemon X and y are popular games played by millions of people. Pokemon is a serious of games developed by Freak and Creatures. Nintendo is a pokemon games media franchise. There is lot games available to play, here in this article I give up complete list of Pokedex. You can get it from below links. […]

How To Delete All Comments in WordPress With in Few Minutes?

Delete all comments wordpress is easy way, If you follow my steps. Today I share the easiest way to delete all comments in WordPress with out using any plugins. Every WordPress website receive thousands of spam comments from internet marketers. However lot of plugins can use to delete your comment in WordPress site. They takes […]