Windows 10 is the latest edition of the Microsoft NT-based operating system for personal computers. First released in the summer of 2015, Microsoft has branded this package as a service that will continue to receive updates, just like specific applications. The operating system is designed to work for both the casual and the enterprise clients.

It is full of intrinsic features that allow it to remain functional with all kinds of devices. Here, we look at some of the most important advantages and problems of this operating system:

Comparing the Advantages and Problems of Windows 10

Advantages of Windows 10

Windows 10 is full of the ideal features that Microsoft has perfected over two decades of making network based operating systems. It is designed to work in multiple environments, by using a single set of code, which provides functionality. Here are some of the top advantages of this powerful operating system:

Free Upgrade

Windows 10 is available to all Microsoft operating system clients for free. You can upgrade to the new operating system regardless of your earlier platform, which could be the older Windows 7, or the newer Windows 8.1. The free upgrade is extensive and downloads, according to the requirements of your particular hardware.

Whether you own a Windows Phone or a personal computer (PC), the new operating system easily installs over the previous system and provides you complete functionality over your device.

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Windows 10 is specially created to offer functionality for mobile devices. The MDM facility allows the operating system to control devices from the cloud. This functionality will be produced through Continuum, (Microsoft application) and offer amazing clarity when carrying out the different functions on your particular device.

Ideal for Gaming

The new Windows is ideal for gaming applications. With the arrival of Direct X 12 API (Application Programming Interface), The new operating system provides faster processing, improved efficiency and greater overall gaming performance. There is also the addition of the “game DVR” mode within the operating system, which will allow you to record 30 seconds of your game. This is amazing for players who love to share their performance on social media.

The Xbox App

Are you an avid gamer? You will surely like the Xbox application, which is added to Windows 10. This makes the new operating system perfect for gamers who want to share their achievements and send messages to their friends.

The new operating system aims to bring the complete Xbox Live playing experience to personal computers. You can also stream games played on your Xbox One to your PC, providing improved functionality at a quicker speed.

Improved User Interface

The one problem that was identified in Windows 8 was the change in user interface. This change made it difficult for Windows 7 users to accept the operating system, since it was completely different from the traditional infrastructure of the Microsoft based systems.

The system still uses the metro app system, which was first introduced with Windows 8. The redesigning of the important system components has made sure that the graphical user interface becomes more active and is available for use with both the keyboard and the mouse.

The new user interface takes the improvements of creating and using app tiles but makes sure that it is based on the same system as Windows 7. The Live Tiles can also be deleted to create a customized Start Menu, which is perfect for the traditional Desktop users.

Internal Optimizations

Windows 10 has several internal optimizations. These changes may not be visible, but they ensure that this operating system is fast and able to carry out complex functions in a smoother fashion. Everything is faster and the effect is especially visible with the use of SSD drives.

Improved Security

With the new, all-powerful Windows Defender, the users of Windows 10 do not have to worry about the security of their personal computers anymore. This ideal system is now equipped with tools that can stop low-level rootkit attacks on systems. There is also the improved biometric protection that allows you to create powerful authentication.

Problems of Windows 10

Windows 10 is a huge step forward by Microsoft and it is sure to contain a few problems as is observed with every innovative product. Here, we describe a few important problems that are identified in this excellent product.

Stuck Updates

The new operating system is designed to regularly update its structure and make sure that it offers continuous functionality to its users. However, the updates may sometimes get stuck, especially when they fail to download properly.

These updates do not get automatically removed and therefore, stop the entire updating process. You need to manually find the stuck updates and remove the relevant files to once again restart the process of that particular update. (Also Read : The Secret of Best Free Email Client For Windows 7)

Battery Drainage

Windows 10 is a powerful operating system and it may sometimes put a heavy drain on your battery. This problem is resolved by switching off the virtual assistant Cortana. You can also change the settings of receiving updates to ensure that all functions are running at the same time.

Change in Default Applications

If there is one thing that can be a bit of a hassle in the new operating system, it is the changing of default applications after an installation and upgradation from the older versions. You may find that your internet browser and photo viewer has changed. It usually sets up the internal software components, such as the Microsoft Edge as the default browser.

However, you can go in the System settings and choose your default applications for many files, including video, music and other common file extensions.

Flashing Screen

Windows 10 is still quite new and there are several software applications that are not compatible with it. This situation may produce a flashing screen, due to the incompatibility of a video driver or an antivirus software suite. Updating the drivers is a sure way to resolve this issue and make sure that normal service is resumed in its best capacity.

These are some common advantages and problems of Windows 10. We believe that this operating system has a bright future and will continue to evolve with the periodic updates that it is receiving, since its inception. We will surely evaluate it in the future to find its impact on Microsoft customers. NewsWindows 10 is the latest edition of the Microsoft NT-based operating system for personal computers. First released in the summer of 2015, Microsoft has branded this package as a service that will continue to receive updates, just like specific applications. The operating system is designed to work for both...Latest technology news