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In this article I want to share top 10 computer virus names for our users. These viruses are very dangerous on certain period of time. In history we can say these are top 10 computer virus names you should remember. Lot of time we seen in news papers, and other media sources regard virus attacks. Basically viruses not only attack personal computers it will attack lot of internet network connections. So we need to really care about these viruses on our professional and personal works in our lifetime. Here I list top 10 computer virus names , it may be very helpful if you search top computer viruses.

Top 10 Computer Virus Names – 1. Melissa Computer Virus

computer virus names
In 1999 a macro virus named after called Miami stripper makes lot of trouble in Intel and Microsoft. They finally shut down their name servers. This virus spread through a attached a word file named List.Doc in email address it allows users to redirect porn websites. This is dangerous one, because if a user open email message, the virus word document will sent first 50 names in the users address book. So you need to spend lot of time to remove this computer virus names.

2. MyDoom Computer virus

my doom anti virus
This virus also spread through emails, it appearing in inboxes in 2004. This virus have a attached file, it will execute if you open the email message. It affect your stored email address after executed that attached file. Nobody knows where is this virus starts, someone suggested Russia is origination of this virus attack. But no one was able to confirm.

3. 2007 Storm Worm

In 2007 this computer virus is most dangerous in lot of countries. This virus attacks Microsoft based computers. Storm Worm is a Trojan virus it spread through emails. I remember this virus spread through emails by subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe”.

Top 10 Computer Virus Names- 4. I Love You Computer virus

i love you viurs
On our Computer Virus Names list we seen next virus is I Love You or Love letter virus. This virus sent from Philippines on the year of 2000. This virus beginning with an email and attachment contained honey filled words from a secret admin. If you open copping different files and add new registry keys on affected computers.

5. Code Red

code red virus
In Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems, the Code Red computer virus affected on the middle of 2001. This virus attack on the White House by commanding all computers and web-servers at one time. On that time this virus is very popular on media.

6. MS Blast

MS Blast computer virus also called another name. It also called Blaster or Lovesan spread in 2003 on Windows operating systems. This virus spread to hundreds of thousands of personal computers with included a personalized message to Bill Gates.

7. Klez

In the year of 2001, Klez makes lot of damages in personal computer. Also this virus is most dangerous viruses of all time. This virus spread through email messages if you open it will automatically install virus. After that it will send emails your contacts. Think this is very dangerous because with in few days it can attack millions of personal computer users.

8. Sobig F

In August 2003 this virus attacked corporate and domestic computer operators around the world. This virus also spread through emails. With in 24 hours this virus makes damage of $3 billion to $4 billion loss over more than 2 million personal computers worldwide.

9. SQL Slammer

SQL Slammer is a independent malicious software virus program it also called another name “Sapphire”. This virus attached user computers in the year of 2003. With in 10 minutes SQL Slammer infected more that 75000 hosts on that time.

10. Conficker

In our top 10 computer virus names article Conficker is last place, but this is very dangerous virus. Conficker is spread on the middle of 2009. Conficker virus affected Microsoft windows operating systems around the world. Lot of antiviurs and virus deducting softwares cant find this virus through their scanning program.

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