Creating PDF file is a great way to share your knowledge and ideas to this electronic world. PDF files are a great footprint of online users. Now a days making pdf files is easy way because of best tools are available in offline and online. If you want to know how to make a pdf file in your computer, simply follow these ways. You can make pdf files in couple of minutes and you can share it anywhere you want.

1. Method 1 – How to Make a PDF File From Word Doc in MAc?

If you want to make a pdf file from a word document you need some best PDF file creation softwares. Here I want to share top 3 PDF file creation software are widely used worldwide today.

  • PDF Creator – Download This PDF Creation Software From this link
  • PDF Factory Pro – This PDF creation tool is one of the best software. You can download this pdf creation tool from this link
  • PrimoPDF – From PrimoPDF software you can make pdf files in matter of minutes. Download this software here

After download simply install any one of pdf file creation software in your MAC. Then follow below steps to create your pdf file.

Step 1: Open Microsoft word new document

Step 2: Type your document. You can add texts or images in your document. Thats not a problem to create your pdf file. Suppose if you already completed your document just open it.

Step 3: Next step we convert this word document to PDF file. Just click on File menu > and click Print.Or another method you can click Save As link in File menu.

Step 4: Here you can see some options to save this file. Choose Save as PDF option and save your word document. It takes few seconds only for convert word document to pdf file. Then simply name your pdf document and save it on your computer.

2. Method 2 – How to make a PDF Files From Word Doc in PC?

microsoft word to pdf convertion
For this method also you need to download pdf file creation software’s in your computer. Please check out our previous method for getting top pdf creation softwares. You need to download any one of the software PDF Creator, PDF Factory Pro or PrimoPDF. Simply install in your computer and follow below steps.

Step 1: Open new microsoft word document or open your existing microsoft word document.

Step2: Under File menu > Click Print Option

Step 3: Choose your PDF Printer option. Dont worry, this process not print pdf document. You can download the converted PDF file through this option.

3. Method 3 – Best Online PDF Converters For Mac Or PC

online pdf converter
In this method you need to find best reliable online pdf converter to use. If you want to make pdf files through online means first go to any search engine (Google or Yahoo is best) type these word “best online pdf converters”. You can get lot of results. I recommend PDF is reliable and used by millions of internet users everyday. After you went on this website simply browse your word file for convert. Here you understand one important fact about online pdf converters. All online pdf converters are have this option to convert your document. In PDF allows you to convert pdf files as many files you want to create. Most online converters limit this conversions. That’s why we recommend to use to create pdf file creations. Once you converted your preferred file to pdf you receive a notification for “Download your PDF file”. Then simply you can save this file in your computer.

4. Method 4 – How To Make A PDF Files Using Google Chrome Browser?

If anyone search “how to make a pdf file?” this is very easy way to convert pdf files or creating pdf files through Google Chrome Browser. Google gives unlimited usages for internet visitors. Google Chrome browser gives you best way to convert pdf files. These steps are very simple compare to above methods. What you need is get google chrome browser in your computer. Then follow below steps to make pdf files using Google Chrome browser.

Step 1: Type these words in your Google Chrome “data:text/html,” URL bar. Please note you need to type these words in your Chrome browser with out quotes.

Step 2: Then type your text and insert images in your Google Chrome browser.

Step 3: You can format or alter your text through basic commands like Ctrl+U, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+B..etc.

Step 4: After complete your word document, this is final step. Simply Save and Print your document. Set the option to “Save as PDF”

I hope these methods gives you easy way to create your pdf files. If you need any more details feel free to contact us through our contact form. We recommend if you like to share this web page on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter..etc. Also like us our Facebook Fanpage. Tocreate-pdf,file-convertion,how-to-create-pdf,how-to-make-pdf,pdf,pdf-convertion,word-to-pdfCreating PDF file is a great way to share your knowledge and ideas to this electronic world. PDF files are a great footprint of online users. Now a days making pdf files is easy way because of best tools are available in offline and online. If you want to...Latest technology news