In offline business or online media review websites doing great part end users. Because review websites have biggest user base for review any services. In this article we will see about top 25 review websites list. These review sites are very useful one who want to purchase online. Lot of review websites today available everywhere in the internet, here I list top 25 websites based on website traffic and customer reviews. In this list I am not include, Instagram, Flickr like sites. Because they are photo sharing sites not a 100% review sites. Of course people discussed about products in Instagram, But Iam not included these sites in my list. Let we see the list one by one.

Top 25 Review Websites List

user review websites
This website mainly focused on health care category. Also lot of customers reviewed restaurants, beauty and house hold products.

If you want to get infomation like ” top 10 auto mechanics” is great place for you.

This website target businesses through customer reviews. get user reviews through pseudo paid advertising platform. This website is one of the top user review website in internet world.

4. is well known travel website contain thousands of travel related reviews. Users reviewed hotels, travel destinations and more. is a top place in review websites list.

Through users can review and reservations make immediately. This website have full of good reviews on thousands of restaurants. It makes very useful for end-users.

BBB means Better Business Bureau is a business review website. It trusted by millions of online users and internet marketers.

This website is paid service for consumers get certified. They can make reviews of local business. Angieslist user base is very large almost million registered users drive this website.

PowerReviews is a best place for getting reviews on Search Engine Optimization Services, Mobiles, Social networks and more. This website connect technology reviews to consumers.

This website is best place in review websites list for websites category. You can get detailed reviews on your favorite websites here.
top 25 review websites

10. – Top Ranked in User Review Websites List is a consumer review site for small businesses. Users can review completely free here. Profile information is very helpful part in Yelp reviews.

11. Google Reviews
Lot of people know Google Reviews also called Google Local or Google Places. Google services are top notch. Google Reviews also very great service run by Google network. We can get detailed review on local businesses from this review site. This is my favorite site in top user review websites list.

12. Yahoo Local Listings
A perfect review site from Millions of internet users review thousands of products and services in yahoo local listings website. Great place to get perfect reviews.

This website is a Australia based website. It helps users can find local products and places very detailed review. Truelocal is one of the best site in user reviews websites list.

14. CitySearch
In our list of review websites article CitySearch is great website to get local reviews. Local reviews means you can get thousands of consumer reviews on local businesses.

15. ConsumerReports.Org
ConsumerReports is a special website differ from others. This website reviews are top class, highly recommended. Content presentation of this website is recommended by lot of internet masters.

Of course, is not a review website. But now a days millions of facebook users discuss and write reviews,comments and share their thoughts through Facebook. Specially Facebook fanpages are great place for getting live online presence.

17. LinkedIn
Like this website Linkedin is a professional social media. You can get top class professional reviews on services and other products.

Twitter helps people to tweet with short messages. You can get live reviews from Lot of internet marketers using twitter is one of the major media for promoting their products.

19. helps to get detailed review on physical products. This website is very helpful for getting quality reviews from thousands of live internet users.

YellowPages is like a directory website, but you can get thousands of reviews on millions of products. is top class place in user review websites list.

21. Foursquare
Foursquare helps you to find best places in your city for eat and stay. Perfect local review website if you want to get details review on your local places.

22. is a travel related website. You can get thousands of useful reviews on hotels and travel destinations.

23. is a automobile website, helping customers get details information on cars.

24. AppCloud
AppCloud helps you to get better apps for your smartphones. Thousands of customers already reviewed on their used apps. So you can get better information than other website in this niche. AppCloud is mobile apps specialized review site in top review websites list.

25. TrustRadius
TrustRadius is a great review website for professionals. Millions of products are reviewed by professional people share their opinions in this website. You can get exact information on product selection, how to use and other necessary details.

Apart from this list, If you recommend any other user review website feel free to contact me. I will consider to add your recommended website in this list. If you like this article please share it on social media sites like facebook, etc. Also like us our facebook fanpage.,review-sites,review-sites-list,review-websites,sites,top,top-25,top-review-websites,websitsIn offline business or online media review websites doing great part end users. Because review websites have biggest user base for review any services. In this article we will see about top 25 review websites list. These review sites are very useful one who want to purchase online. Lot...Latest technology news