Every website needs proper search engine optimization works for geting good results in Search engines. If you using wordpress content management system in your blog or website – Plugins are major part to do effective works. Plugins in wordpress perform great part in every wordpress site. You can use plugin for your special function apart from general wordpress sites. A installed new wordpress site not having any plugins to do any SEO work. We need to install plugins in our website for these functions. In this page you will get 12 best WordPress SEO Plugin details for your wordpress blog. These plugins make great improvement in your wordpress site. Some plugins are free to use, some are premium type plugins. I give up the list. Think yourself which plugin you want to use in your wordpress blog. Let we see the best wordpress seo plugin list.

1. All In One SEO Pack

This Wordpess SEO Plugin received thousands of positive reviews from used customers. Because of its great working performance make your blog rankings very fast. This plugin automatically fetched your wordpress site for search engines by generating meta tags. It helps you to optimize web page titles, keywords and correct description tags in your wordpress dashboard post updating section.

2. SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin

Best part in SEO Ultimate is Canonicalizer. This feature makes your wordpress website duplicate posts cant deduct in web spiders. They will only pointed out your primary post in your wordpress blog. Another best feature of SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin is built-in-robot.txt editor. You can set up your robot.txt file through your plugin settings. If you switch All in One Seo pack to SEO Ultimate this plugin supports very well. You can import meta-data from your existing wordpress seo plugin.

3. SEO Content Control

In our list of best WordPress SEO Plugin next one si SEO content control. Best advantage of using this plugin is it helps to identify week content in your website. For example lot of wordpress blog writers forget to give description in the categories part. This is very important fact to increase your search engine rankings. This plugins does these type of essential parts in your wordpress blog.

4. SEO Friendly Imageseo friendly images

In Search Engine Optimizing process images are important part to consider optimized. If you do perfect image optimizing in your wordpress blog you will get easily ranked well in search engines. This WordPress SEO Plugin does all image optimizion works automatically in your blog. Strongly recommended plugin. Try it in your blog.

5. SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart links WordPress SEO Plugin makes automatically link your keywords and key-phrases in your wordpress website posts based on existing posts and pages. This plugin gives ability to set your own keywords and matching urls for that keyword. SEO Smart Links is a best wordpress seo plugin for linking internally your posts and pages in your wordpress blog.

6. SEO Rank Reporter

SEO Rank Reporter
This WordPress SEO plugin used to track certain keywords in your wordpress website. After that it will send reports for every 3 days once. If your keyword get major changes in search engines you will get email notification through email

7. Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are very important criteria in all websites need to be rank in search engines. Google XML Sitemaps WordPress SEO Plugin helps you to create your XML sitemap automatically in your wordpress blog. Creating XML sitemap is tough work if you do it manually. This sitemap generator does it automatically. If every post you newly update sitemap will automatically generate and updated. This WordPress SEO plugin not only for Google. It supports Bing, Yahoo!, Ask.com and MSN search engines notifying every time you create new post.


8. Platinum SEO Pack

Platinum SEO pack comes with lots of features like All in one SEO plugin. This plugin can generate meta tags automatically, can optimize post and page titles, descriptions for search engines. I used Platinum SEO pack long months before. Try it this plugin. Its worth.

9. WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress SEO by yost
Wordpress SEO by Yoast plugin is very different plugin than other WordPress SEO Plugins. Because in this plugin one feature makes different from other plugins. That’s Focus Keyword option. It means you cant target multiple keywords in one post. Focus keyword means you can target single keyword for your wordpress post. It makes wise idea and your keyword got more chances to get ranked well in search engines. Yoast is a best WordPress SEO Plugin trusted by thousands of wordpress blogs.

10. SEO For Paged Comments

Page comments is a big problem in wordpress. Because search engines thinks you have duplicate content in your each posts. This WordPress SEO plugin take care these issues and automatically update your comments.

11. Redirection

Redirection is important issue you need to consider in your wordpress blog. Because lot of time we cant know broken links and not performed urls in our blog posts. Redirection plugin allows you to make 301, 404 redirection easily in your wordpress website.

12. SEO Tag Cloud Widget

Some people love to put tag clouds on their blogs. Some people dont like to display tag cloud on their blog. This plugin converted your tags to an SEO friendly html markup. So your tags can easily indexed.


These WordPress SEO plugins list give you some idea of best plugin details for your seo purpose. If you need any more details feel free to contact me through contact form or comments section. If you like this articles please post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Also dont forget to like us our facebook fanpage.

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