Android has quickly grown to become the top mobile platform in the world. It’s a complete operating system for people who not only use their smartphones to carry out professional and personal activities, but play games on it as well. No wonder smartphones have quickly left behind other options as the ideal platforms to carry out entertainment activities.

Keeping in mind with this information, we present the top five, free sports games for Android users. These are the games that may have in-game purchases, but provide the ideal playing experience for the mobile gamer:

1. Madden NFL Mobile

Madden NFL Mobile is an amazing Android game which allows you to join the National Football League and become the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). There are amazing options in the game that will keep you occupied for a long time. It is a top option in free sports games category.

You can play various drills, create a stacked squad and unlock new skills. You will also be able to train with New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, probably the greatest quarterback of all times. You can play the weekly tournaments, and go on a journey that takes you from a longshot to an NFL legend.

This game allows you to enjoy the real-world matchups, because you can connect to the actual NFL events. These are termed as Live Events and allow you to really increase your pleasure experience within the game. The game requires a strong internet connection if you want to play online. It is truly an amazing game that you can play over and over, and still feel that the game still has new things to offer you.

2. MLB 9 Innings

This excellent baseball game comes out every year with a new version. If you love baseball, then this game offers an excellent Major League Baseball (MLB) experience. This game is optimized for smart phones and therefore, allows you to play with just a single hand. You can also use the quick play which allows you to quickly go through a game.

You can play the full season mode or simply enjoy an exhibition game. You can also choose to only bat or pitch during the game. You can also play the entire game, so the options available in this game are limitless.

Another amazing perk in this game is the use of the “Live Player System”. This ensures that the actual performance of the MLB players is reflected in the game. The game includes more than 800 players and 30 different ballparks. This is truly an ideal option for those who are serious Android gamers.

3. 8 Ball Pool

This is the best pool game available on the PlayStore for Android users in free sports games. It is placed in the sports category and allows you to play with your friends online. It is a highly addictive game due to its simple playing curve. It is prepared by the famous small game maker,

This game has several amazing features. The New Chat feature allows you talk with your friends while playing. You can also create customized games and then challenge your friends to join you in playing.

There are several new 9 Ball game modes that have been inserted into this game. The game follows a tier-based system, where you keep progressing to new cities, such as Cairo, Rome and Shanghai. Each new version of this game reduces the bugs that are identified in the game.

This game is excellent for people of any age. This is entirely different from baseball and football that are based on distinct rules. The in-app purchases in this game are also quite inexpensive and are geared towards increasing your pleasurable experience from the game.

4. Flip Master

Flip Master is another top game from It is a game that provides you a virtual trampoline for all your flipping and jumping needs. You can bounce around in backyards, circuses and gyms to gain experience and become the Master of Trampoline.

This game is powered by a custom engine and uses Ragdoll Physics. This allows the developers to offer the most entertaining jumping experience. You can defy the laws of actual physics and do amazing flips that you always dreamed of. Remember, you need to work your way up in the game to release new game skills and flipping tricks.

The game has custom characters. You can always select a character and then let it through its paces to reach amazing heights. You can also show off to your friends by recording your best moves as well as failed attempts. This game does not require an internet connection and you can play it offline, as much as you want.

5. Real Boxing

Real Boxing is one of the best free fighting games available on Android. It is amazing, since it provides a true feel due to the excellent Unreal Engine. It offers the boxing experience that everyone admires. In fact, IGN the famous gaming review website marked this game as the one, “Real Boxing is an Unreal Engine-powered beauty”.

This game allows you to set up a deadly knockout combo. You can use different power-ups. This game also delivers you the original feel by offering responsive controls and the ability to deliver original jabs and hooks.

Another excellent feature is the real-time multiplayer option. This allows you to become a challenger and enjoy many hours of play. You can also play the weekly tournaments that have challenging rules. This allows you to get real prizes by winning these tournaments.

You can also go through an illustrious career by fighting over 30 boxers and each one has their own unique style. You can create your boxer and then fully customize it with a hairstyle, gear and body tattoos. Training is possible by playing mini games from time to time. The social panel allows you to win daily rewards and enjoy free content from time to time.

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These are the most amazing free sports games that you can play on your Android mobile. These games are available as free, but you can make several in-game purchases and increase your gaming experience by a considerable margin. We strongly recommend that you give these games a chance. You will find it hard not to become a game addict after playing them! has quickly grown to become the top mobile platform in the world. It’s a complete operating system for people who not only use their smartphones to carry out professional and personal activities, but play games on it as well. No wonder smartphones have quickly left behind other options...Latest technology news