If you are in social media user, you never don’t know about hash-tags. So What is Hashtags? and Where did Hashtags are come from? These are some important questions for a social media users. Basically Hashtags are firstly popular in Twitter then instagarm and now lot of sites using hashtags by various formats. What does hashtag mean – Simply hashtags are a symbol, it represent to another link on that particular site. You need to just put up “#” symbol infront of your searchable word or category of your posts. Hashtags are important factor to get more links and visitors. Because people can automatically click hastags and go to the destination urls. This is the power of hashtags. Let we see some popular sites hashtags functions and How the hashtags are used on that particular sites.

What Does Hashtag Mean On Facebook

In Facebook hashtag use to represent a category name. For example if you post “I walked up so many hills today! #SanFrancisco ” means you represent “SanFransisco” is your major category (Ofcourse, this may be a place name). If some one see your post he will easily understand your post is about hills in Sanfrancisco. So If he click, he can possible to see lot of posts including hashtags. This is the interesting factor used by lot of social networks. Hashtags are more popular in Facebook status messages.

What Does Hashtag Mean In Texting

What Does HASHTAG Mean
In texting hastag is a symbol of aid for searching. If you place “#” in front of your text, For example #Google means “if you want to search about Google click here”.

What Does Hashtag Mean On Twitter

Twitter is the number one micro blogging platform, you can see in the internet world. Hashtags are first popular in Twitter only. Because Twitter runs completely text based website, you can send, receive and discuss any topics through 180 words texting messages. Hastags are a symbol of representation about your topics. If you tweet a sentence include a word #nikeshows , your twitter follower or any viewer can navigate lot of Nike Shows related tweets by simply click on #Nikeshows.

What Does Hashtag Mean On Instagram

What does hashtag mean on instagram
Instagram is a popular image sharing website. It works great as a mobile apps.You can use #hashtags in Instagram for represent your picture category, keywords or any other topic heading related issues. People and Search engines can easily find Instagrams category items through Hashtags. You know, hashtags are powerful link building technique for your own pictures and messages. So using wise hastags helps you to increase visitors and followers for your account. In instagram hasgtags drive traffic millions of visitors every day. So use hashtags to your other posts. People and search engines love hashtags. You can monitor the power of hashtags by social media monitoring tools. Please read out latest posts about Social Media Monitoring Tools Comparison Guide.

What Does Hashtag Mean On TV?

In TV screen if you see hashtags, that’s different from internt sites. However these hashtags are also directly linking with twitter type sites. Showing hashtags in tv screen is particular word is close relative to any one of the tv program. In case if you watching a movie in one channel, if shows #action means particular tv program is running on action oriented program. If in any discussions, hashtags are important to bring new visitors and make attention for existing visitors. These tags are also used for Twitter adicted fans who are watching that particular program. Because lot of chance that particular tv viewer can tweet including the program hashtag and sending tweets.

What Does Hashtag Mean On Twitter Yahoo?

These internet sites are used hashtag for representation purpose. In other words the # symbol is represent to any category, keyword or important topic what about running on that time. So commonly hashtag is one of the connector symbol between people to people. Mostly hashtags are used in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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